SUE is seeking for creative minds with an entrepreneurial vision on how our cities should thrive. And to make them future-proof. With ‘cities’ we do not just mean built environment, but also communities, inhabitants, business owners and everybody else who lives and loves here.

Studio SUE offers consulting, project management and organic venture building on the go.

Are you relationship material?
SUE is always up for a date with developers, planners, entrepreneurs, students, city council members, inhabitants, landowners, and everybody with a creative mind and active skills.

We’re not saying SUE is playing hard to get, but she has a set of standards she would like you to meet:

  • You’re in some way involved in developing ideas for future-proof cities
  • Or you would like to be
  • You’re interested in solutions, rather than problems
  • You understand the challenges we face, and value the impact cities have right now, and can have in the future
  • You know everything there is to know about landscaping, construction, architecture, city politics, community building, socio-economics, circular economy, holistic development, entrepreneurship, and bunnies
  • Or you’re eager to learn everything there is to learn about these things

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