SUE is a Dutch consultancy and incubator for innovative solutions in urban planning. But you can also call her an organic venture builder on the go. With entrepreneurs in residence.

SUE wants to connect developers, planners, entrepreneurs, students, city council members, inhabitants, landowners, and everybody with a creative mind.

Together we can improve our cities and make our planet and its inhabitants more sustainable, more circular and more future-proof.

Why do cities matter so much to SUE?
Nearly half of the world’s population lives in cities, while all cities account for only 3% of the country’s surface. This results in cities being responsible for

  • half of the global waste generation
  • 75% of overall resource use
  • and 60 to 80% of CO2 emissions

In short: the direct impact of cities on space, biodiversity, and ecology worldwide is enormous.

The ‘Urban Metabolism’ stands for the sum of technological and socio-economic processes taking place in cities, with growth as a result. This increases the production of energy, raw materials, and waste.

This is not just a bad news story. Because these insights also show us where the solution lies. And that is that cities have an enormous impact on saving on energy, consumption, and waste.

Studio Sue